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  1. Trailer: Las calles del mar*
    Situated on a peninsula, on a strip of land surrounded by the sea. The city of Gaditanos and Gaditanas, one of oldest ports cities in the world. A place, a visit. Joe. He works as a street musician. Among the city's nooks and crannies one can read his stories, listen to the street life and discover hidden `aerolites´ voiced by language learners and globetrotters.

    Las calles del mar* is an interactive collage and a tablet app which brings together images and audio recordings captured in Cadiz during the fall 2015, in combination with short poems from the Cadiz-born poet Carlos Edmundo de Ory (1923 – 2010). The title originates from his àerolite Nunca olvido las calles del mar, translated Never forget the streets of the Sea. 

Produced during residence at LINEA DE COSTA A.I.R., 2015.